About Us

The Name and Our Past:

The Present and Our Future:

Today our mission statement is to provide creative and safe spaces for youth, artists, and entrepreneurs where they can gain skill, trade, and income within the city of Long Beach, CA. Our focus is to help these three groups strive and give them access to means of production and opportunities so they can then use what they have learned and earned to shape the culture of Long Beach beyond what we see today. This includes helping the disenfranchised start their own businesses and organizations creating a more resident owned city to combat the process of gentrification we see in our daily lives.

The Team

Chance Powers       President
Hugo Vasquez          Secretary
Alex Avak         Treasurer
Kenneth Bush Jr      Board Member
Zaine Drayton           Board Member
Suellen Ferreira          Board Member 

One Current Ebbing All Nations

[email protected]/ (562) 334-0054

1005 Cedar Avenue, Long Beach, California 90813, United States