The L.E.A.H Publishing Program is inspired and dedicated to Leah Norwood, a Long Beach artist, photographer, and editor that passed away late last year. Leah self published her first zine titled “Once in a While you need to Rewind”, in March of 2019 and in 2020 she planned on finishing the year working with grassroots organizations to start a publication for local creators of Long Beach. Unfortunately, this didn’t come to pass and we miss her dearly.

We plan to continue her mission and to keep Leah’s name alive through the education and service we want to provide through her initial objective. This first L.E.A.H event will not only put money in local creators pockets helping them professionally and financially, it will generate the seed money to keep the program running. For the people, by the people.

We host virtual art shows featuring local artist in the Los Angeles Region. The donation based tickets go to funding the program and the sales from the show will go back to the participating artists, helping them build their resumes and portfolios as paid professionals.

The objective is to acquire industrial printers for the community to use as a whole. Magazines, business banners & brochures, eulogy pamphlets, large art prints and more! All of this will be available through the L.E.A.H Program to LB Locals for free/wholesale cost. No more minimal orders, no more costly investments, no more middle man.

Localism. Entrepreneurship. Authority. Honor. These are the principles that hold us together.

Help us change our collective future.

Find out more about the LEAH Publication Program Here