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I DON’T TRUST YOU By Eddie Roque as seen in the OceanOrgLB Rebuild LB Art Show

“The first piece, i Don’t Trust You (48”x48” composite plywood, spray paint, stencil) is based on my person experience with police harassment and abuse. My first contact with LAPD was at 13 (1996) because I fit the description of a 23 year old suspect. It continues up until 2018 when I was harassed by Orange County Sheriffs while holding my daughter’s hand. Trust is such a difficult thing to build and lose. It’s not message of hate, but one of hurt. This distrust extends to my philosophy of raising my daughters with a distrust of officers and a need to have them as prepared as possible to fend for themselves. I admit it’s a shame that I pass this hurt in to my girls, but I cannot bring myself to pretend that they will be ok with police in their world. ” – Eddie Roque



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