Join our Arts Program

The LEAH Publishing Program

Are you looking for a platform to explore your creativity without worrying about financial constraints? Enter The LEAH Publishing Program – a platform designed to provide access to professional-grade equipment for youth, artists, entrepreneurs, and individuals facing financial barriers.

Our program offers a diverse range of equipment, from silk screening setups to sewing machines, aimed at empowering individuals to pursue their artistic endeavors. But beyond equipment, we prioritize community collaboration by partnering with local art collectives and businesses, providing space for workshops and fostering a supportive environment for creativity to thrive.

In addition to equipment access, we offer a suite of services including consultation, website building, and opportunities for art exhibits and online features. Members also benefit from discounts on printing services and distribution, making it easier to share their work with a wider audience.


The LEAH Publishing Program is a grassroots effort, driven by a desire to support local talent and foster creativity within our community. Together, we can create, learn, and grow – making our community a vibrant hub of artistic expression.

Join us as we embark on this journey of unlocking creativity and making art accessible to all. With The LEAH Publishing Program, the possibilities are endless.

In Honor of Leah “GraveDigga” Norwood